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Selling Your House in Summer

  • Date: May 14, 2018
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Suburban House in Summer

Deanna-Catlett-Realtor-@Deanna Catlett: Selling a house in the summer

Selling a house in the summer can be more demanding in contrast to other seasons such as spring and fall.  People are generally outside on vacations in summers, kids involve more care of their parents during summers since the school is off, and several other summer activities can result in a distraction.  A few tips can help you sell your house in summer if you have no way to await a better selling year.

Lawn Upkeep and Landscaping

Grass grows faster in the summertime.  The details of the lawn are also more clearly visible during the glistening months of summer.  Ensure you maintain your lawn nicely, and mow it frequently,  and water, if needed.  If you really want to get fancy, mowing your lawn on the diagonal ( like in a baseball park) will really add to the curb appeal.

For even more curb appeal, you can plant flowers, trim the bushes, and scatter mulch.  Remember not to set the mulch too close to your siding.  More is not better in the example of mulch.  Sweep the pathway leading up to your front door if you have one & driveway; paint your house number superbly on the curb, and also make your entry warm and welcoming.

Various shades of white and vibrant blues are excellent colors for your summer.  Pick up colors that have a cooling effect on the eyes.  Utilize summer hues for throw rugs, accent pillows, sheets, and drapes.  Remove the heavier drapes, and pull the blinds to the top.  Utilize tie-backs for holding lighter curtains or drapes in place.

Room Ambience

If your rooms are slightly darker, then add a few table lamps.  However, ensure the roomsare not over-lit.  A potential buyer should not think that you are trying to compensate for the absence of natural lighting.  Be certain that the light switches are cleaned off and free of grime, fingerprints or dust.

The entry hall is the most crucial area when you are trying to sell your property.  Most potential buyers will first pay a visit to this area, and if it is enticing enough, they will be motivated to see more of your house.  The first impression is often the final impression in this business.  If the entry hall provides a feeling of cluttered and crowded housing, a possible buyer may lose interest in the remainder of your property.

Nothing can dampen a buyer’s enthusiasm more than a  hot room on a  summer day.  Ensure there is sufficient air circulation in your property.   The AC should be set on the ideal temperature-it needs to be comfortable.  If your house is cold inside that’s not conducive to a tranquil atmosphere and if you walk around your house and start to sweat, you’re A/C is certainly not set properly.  Make sure the home smells clean and fresh; certainly when a possible buyer is visiting.  Don’t forget to pay close attention to pet scents that can be noticeable in the warmth.

These seemingly small issues can make a huge difference in really being able to sell in the summer.

-Deanna Catlett

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